What you have to know before booking.

We care about your satisfaction

We have decided to publish a page where the questions you often ask us are reported. We do it to make ourselves known better, for better or for worse. We try to inform our guest about what to really expect from Hotel Galassi. From the strong points of our structure to the critical issues.



Your perfect holiday

  • Start with a excellent breakfast
  • Reach the beach on foot in 50 second
  • Regenerate on out beach
  • Discover the "Regione Marche"
  • Relax on our rooms

It possible to have half board/full board?

Hotel Galassi does not have a restaurant service, and therefore only bed and breakfast is possible. The hotel is located in the center of the Numana beach, in an area full of places where you can eat. We will be happy to show you and advise you on the places best suited to your needs. This solution is also suitable for enjoying all the beauties of the area.

Our classic customer spends the day at the seaside in complete relaxation and in the evening takes advantage of it to move around and discover the splendid centers of the Conero.

We know that to be satisfied the customer must have a pleasant stay even outside his own facility and this is why we will try to help you make the best choices.


Do the rooms have a sea view ?

The hotel is really very close to the beach. To access our umbrellas you basically just need to cross the road but on the other side there are buildings that block our view. This is why from some rooms you can see the sea but from none you have a direct view

What do you serve for breakfast? What are the hours? Is it a buffet?

Breakfast times are *07.30 - **12.00

*On request it is possible to pay in advance.

** From 10.30 the buffet will no longer be available but as soon as you arrive in the breakfast room we will bring you lots of things. (The alarm clock should be forgotten at home).

Although the COVID emergency period has eased a bit, we have decided to maintain a served buffet breakfast service for greater safety and hygiene.

The rules are those of a normal buffet, but the staff will serve you everything you want. We care deeply about the one meal we provide. And this is why every day we take various types of bread and many varieties of fresh cakes from a trusted artisan bakery.

In our buffet you can find fresh products such as savory pies, wraps, cold cuts, pizza, sandwiches, fruit. There are also various types of cereals and yogurt. On request we can prepare eggs for you. There are products for food intolerances, but it is always best to inform us about them upon arrival or when booking.

However, keep us informed about any breakfast wishes you may have. If there is something in particular that you would like to find when you wake up, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Does the hotel have a lift?

Unfortunately not. The rooms are located on the first and second floors. To access each floor there are 2 flights of stairs.

Clearly the staff will be of assistance to you with the transport of your suitcases.

Where is the hotel located?

The hotel is located in the center of the Numana LIDO, a few meters from the beach.

Basically in the "Lower" part of the municipality. In the most convenient part for the sea.

In the evening the area is enlivened by the promenade, the markets and the many shows that the municipality organises.

The historic center (located in the upper area of ​​the municipality) is about 2.5 km away and can be reached on foot

(about 35 minutes walk) by car (a few minutes). With the FREE shuttle that the municipality provides

What is the difference between an economy room and a standard room?

The economy room has the same services as the standard room but is smaller and has a smaller bathroom and balcony. From the small balcony you have a view of a nearby building

Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately pets are not allowed

What are the Check in - Check out times?

Check in : Room delivery is guaranteed by 12.30pm.
However, if your room is ready before this time, we will be happy to let you take possession of the room early.

Check out: The check out time is scheduled for 10.00 am (but we are not with the rifle in hand).
We only ask that you be able to respect this timetable as much as possible in order to allow us to deliver the rooms at the promised time.

Hotel Galassi a Marcelli, sulla Riviera del Conero
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